Boarding 5-star service
  • Catios – One hour of playtime in the Catios
  • Cuddle and play time daily
  • Private beds
  • Fresh water twice daily
  • Litter cleaned daily
  • Food Schedule – as indicated by owner (owners supply cat’s favorite food and treats).
  • Gourmet Treats available
  • Veterinarian services available (offsite)
  • Medication Administration
Boarding Rates
Single Suite for 1 23
Double Suite for 2
Triple Suite for 3
Catio Play Area
Day Care (8am-4pm) 15
  • Each night your cat stays is a ‘one night’ charge
  • Check-in any time after 8 AM and before 4 PM, Monday to Friday, Saturdays between 8-9 AM and 5-6 PM
  • Check-out any time after 8 AM and before 4 PM, Saturdays between 8-9 AM and 5-6 PM
  • No Deposit required at booking
  • Bring adequate food supply for your cat during its entire stay
  • Bring your cat’s favorite blanket, favorite toy(s)
  • Bring all medications and instructions for administration such as time and frequency of dosages. Make sure medications are current and not outdated
  • Provide copies of your cat’s vaccination records
  • Be sure your cat is up-to-date on flea treatments
  • Be transparent about your cat’s health

Vaccinations IMPORTANT!

Each cat staying in our facility must have current FVRCP vaccination (feline rhinotracheitis-calici-panleukopenia). Proof of current vaccination is required before admitting your cat to our boarding hotel.

Medication Administration (each time)
FVRCP Vaccine $ 36 EA
Injection (e.g Insulin) $ 5 day
Fluids admin $ 20 EA
Pills (Meds) $ 2 EA
Liquid Oral Meds $ 2 EA


Cat Owner is responsible for medications and making sure all medications are clearly identified such as; dosages, frequency, route of administration and temperature requirements. Prescriptions required.


Grooming and Other Services
Bath, Nail Trim Short Hair $ 45 EA
Bath, Nail Trim Med Hair $ 55 EA
Bath, Nail Trim Long Hair $ 65 EA
Deshed with Bath & Nails n/a EA
Dematting (2 bad mats) n/a EA
  • Bath includes shampoo and conditioner bath with no trimming.
  • Flea Infestation is $35 additional fee to bathe with flea shampoo

We provide Daily Photos and Live Videos of your cat doing fun activities or just laying around being a cat.