Our Team

We are Cat Lovers! We have designed this business around our love for cats. Our youngest daughter Bree has five cats of her own. Bree had worked in various pet boarding businesses and knew that Cats needed a place dedicated to Kats Only. She also understood the needs of cat owners specifically from owning her own five cats.  Bree brings her skills for caring for and genuinely loving cats to her career skills managing Human Resources and Quality Assurance departments in a large company. My wife is an RN who is adept at opening surgery centers and running large departments in hospitals. I have run USDA inspected plants for the last 20 years. Together, we have taken our combined skill set to design an exceptionally Sanitary, Safe and Secure environment for your most valuable passion, your cat!

Organizational Chart

Typical Cat Boarding Schedule
8 AM Breakfast
9 AM Room Service
10 AM Massages, TLC, Aroma Therapy, Catio Time
Noon Lunch Time (based on cat owner’s feeding instructions)
2 PM Spa Time – Grooming and Nail Trimming
4 PM Room Service (Tidying cage, fresh blanket, fresh kitty litter as needed)
5 PM Dinner
Our Hotel

Our cat hotel is a bed and breakfast for your cat. Our hotel provides specialized Attention, Care and Comfort in addition to basic needs like food, shelter and a clean & safe environment.

Staying at our hotel is designed to keep your cat in an environment that is designed for cats only. There are no barking dogs to make your cat nervous or feel uneasy.

While many pet boarding hotels are designed for dogs with cats as an afterthought, we have designed our cat hotel around specific needs for cats. We provide:

  • Safe place for Cat owners to board their Cats
  • Loving environment operated by experienced Cat lovers
  • Dedicated to a special experience for your Cat
  • Not a Dog Kennel which happens to take Cats
  • Non-invasive – no one visits your home
  • We provide medication administration
  • We provide full grooming services
Our office

Our office was designed to be comfortable for you and your cat(s). We are not a stuffy or scary Pet Kennel. We are your cat’s home away from home. When you go away on business or pleasure, you can rest easy knowing your cat is staying in a really nice and clean 5 Start Hotel which we call, our Bed and Breakfast.

Catios (See photo of Catio below)

Our cat play areas are roomy and custom designed. They are 5’ x 4’ x 8’8” tall and designed with lots of play areas, nooks, and shelves for the cats to play and relax. The top shelf of each catio sits about 6’ off the ground so our feline friends can safely relax and sun themselves. Catios are located directly below a sky light where they can enjoy filtered sunlight.

With your permission, your cats will get to enjoy time in a Catio during their stay. Catios are sanitized after each cat gets their turn to play. Cats are typically segregated unless one boards multiple cats from the same household. In this case, cats can commune in the same catio.



Cages are large and designed with an emphasis on ability to keep secure and sanitary. Easy to clean surfaces along with removable grid below for easy cleaning of debris that makes its way out of the litter box or food bowls. The cages will each have their own Cots, Baskets, Towels, Blankets, Toys and Food/Water Bowls for your cat. Cages are cleaned daily and sanitized in between cat stays. The double latch system adds an additional level of security.

Elevated Cot Bed

This bed gives your cat the perfect rest he’s earned after a long walk, a day of play or just quality time with the family. The elevated bed keeps your cat cool and won’t sag after extended use. Skid resistant feet provide extra stability during movement, making this bed the ideal bed for your cat.

Key Benefits:

  • Ultra-comfortable bed ideal for use on various surfaces. Give your cat the bed he/she deserves with  Elevated Pet Bed.
  • The perfect resting spot for your cat after a long walk, day of play or just quality time with the family.
  • Tight, breathable fabric provides an added level of comfort and support that also keeps your cat cool and won’t sag after extended use.

Wicker Basket

A wicker basket and clean and cozy blankets are provided to make your cat as comfortable as possible. We place a wicker basket on top of the frisco bed (cot) for easy cleaning and your cat’s comfort. We change the bedding and blankets multiple times during your cat’s stay just like hotels do to ensure a fresh, clean and comfortable environment.

Access to Veterinarian Services

For any Feline Guests acquiring an illness during their length of stay, will be examined by our contracted veterinarian located nearby. In case of any illness, we will make multiple attempts to contact you or your agent (emergency contact). Be sure to give us current and reliable contact information at check-in.

Why Use Kats Only
  • Safety – Do not risk leaving your cat home alone. Anything can happen!
  • Proper nutrition and adequate clean water monitored and maintained
  • Love and Attention
  • Avoid Personal Injury risk
  • No strangers, whether you use a sitter or the neighbor’s kid, they are in your home while you away and these sitters are at your
  • Socialization – Cats like seeing and hearing other cats. They have their own cat language
  • Kats Only is cheaper than Cat Sitter’s
  • No Dogs – noise, sells, and lots of activity, plus a natural predator of cats
  • Access to medications and emergency care
  • No inconvenience to friends and family